FAQ for Hair Straightening



Why there are many names of hair straightening?

We can distinguish two major ways of hair straightening.

1. Thermal Reconditioning - Magic/Japanese

2. Keratin Hair Straightening - Keratin/Brazilian

Japanese hair straightening was initially started from Japan with thermal reconditioning system and the name becomes Magic Straight in Korea. Brazilian hair straightening was initially named in Brazil and changed it to Keratin hair straightening treatment.

What is the difference between Magic/Japanese vs Keratin/Brazilian?

Magic/Japanese straightens the hair permanently about six months by the thermal reconditing system.

Keratin/Brazilian straightens the hair temporarily about two months by sealing a liquid keratin which gives more shiny effect on the hair.

Can the hair straightening perform over bleached/highlights hair?

Yes. both can be serviced on highlighted, bleached, colored, and relaxed hair types.In fact, all hair types!

Should hair coloring be done before or after the straightening?

For optimal results, we recommend you color the hair before straightening services. Magic/Japanese can not be processed on the same day but Keratin/Brazilian can be done same day. If straightening was done first, we recommend waiting 2 weeks before coloring the hair.

How long it takes to do the hair straightening?

The process of Japanese hair straightening is comprehensive, it takes about 2 to 3 hours. It can also take up to 5 hours depending on the length, condition, thickness of the hair.

Can this be done on children?

We recommend 12 years of age and over. We also recommend obtaining parental consent for anyone under 18.

How long will I have to wait before I can wash my hair after the treatment?

We recommend 48 hours to 72 hours before you wash your hair.

Can the hair be worn in a ponytail, clipped, or tied?

No. This can leave a bend or curl the hair. Keep the hair straight and do not use any styling products before the first shampoo. You can use a flat iron or blow dryer in the morning to straighten any bends.

Can I go for a swim in the pool or in the ocean?

We recommend that you do not go swimming in the first 48 hours. The hair should be kept dry for the first 48 hours. After the initial 48 hours, you can go swimming, but keep in mind that chlorinated water and salt water can affect the longevity of the treatment. You should rinse the hair with fresh water once you are done swimming.

What shampoo can I use after straightening?

We highly recommend using keratin shampoo and keratin conditional to prolong the effects. These products are gentle on the hair and do not contain sodium chloride which can shorten the longevity of the treatment.

Can this be used on the pregnant woman or nursing mothers?

We do not recommend that pregnant women or nursing mothers receive the service due to possible allergies or irritation. Infants should not be present either. Although there are no known adverse effects, we recommend taking precaution and consulting with a physician prior to getting this service, if it must be done.

What is the cost of hair straightening service at a salon?

The price of hair straightening varies depending on the length of hair. As common sense, if the length of hair is longer, it takes more ingredients and time to work.

Kim Sun Young Hair and Beauty Salon has 20-year experience on the hair straightening. In fact, KSY salon first invented the idea of hair straightening by 'Panel Straightening'. Please view our history page.

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